Photo report from a cruise

A journalists are human too. A journalist also needs to have relaxation from time to time. But! The journalist cannot give up his job even during his vacations. Here is an example. I received a promotional letter advertising a ‘Senior Cruise’ trips. I selected the last minute trips. I went on a Caribbean cruise, I wrote an article about my trip, and of course I made a photo report, as well.

Our ship departed from Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral

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Our ship was Adventure of the Sea. This was our visit to the Caribbean. Although not one of the largest ships in the cruise line’s fleet, the ship’s dimensions were typical of its size: capable of cruising at 22 knots, forty-seven meters high and 311 meters long, it had over three thousand eight hundred passengers in 1,557 cabins (hotel rooms) and was staffed by 1,185 international crew.

Adventure of the Seas


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There were plenty of sports and entertainment opportunities on board, many outdoors, but also inside the ship.

There were plenty of entertainment options on board. There was plenty outdoors.


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Adventures of the Seas


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