TomBaratThomas Barat

  • Journalist/Photojournalist – Press Correspondent NapiMagazin / N.Y. Bureau Chief of WBPI
  • Editor in Chief of CCO Magazine / Editor of the media portal
  • Director of Ethics&Compliance of the Association Foreign Press Correspondents in the USA (AFPC-USA)


  • Founder President of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce of NY Inc.
  • Founder President of the Media Self-regulating Body Hungary
  • President of the Ethical Comm. at Association of Hungarian Journalists MÚOSZ,
  • Prof. of Corp. Comm. at Budapest College of Management
  • International Program Coordinator at TOURO College
  • Past Secretary General, Past Executive Vice President, at present: Member Emeritus at Hungarian Public Relations Association
  • Past Educational Director at European Media and Communication Institute
  • Past Vice President of the European Public Relations Confederation
  • Past President of the Radnoti Foundation

Areas of expertise

Experience in journalism, press, and media
O     printed and electronic press writing and editing (magazines, radio, TV, and online media; editor in chief)
O     publishing (responsible publisher: printed publications) and producing (producer: electronic media)

Experience of education
College and university level Professor, visiting lecturer of public relations, corporate communications and human relations
Education director of European Media and Communication Institute

Experience in integrated corporate communications
Trading companies, manufacturers, and non-profit institutions (out of these 18 years in the field of medical and pharmaceutical communication)
O     Public Relations
O     Marketing communications – publicity
O     Human relations – internal communication
O     Events organization (exhibitions, seminars, conferences)
O     Spokesman of different corporations

Member of the

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