Brook Haven and Aisle One

At a grocery store

I was at a grocery store. It is considered the most modern and extensive kosher superstore in the United States. It’s a rare sight to see this supermarket. Convenience sets the tone for the Brook Haven and Aisle One experience.

Brook Haven and Aisle OneBrook Haven and Aisle OneAisle One is part of Brook Haven Mall, an expensive shopping center with more than thirty planned retailers and numerous kosher restaurants. When I was there, the Mall was not yet finished, the shops were still being built, but the supermarket was open.

The Mall is located about one and a half kilometers from downtown Passaic, on a former industrial site near the boundary of the small town of Clifton. While downtown Passaic is home to a significant Latino community, much of the southern city near the Clifton border is Orthodox Jewish.

Brook Haven and Aisle OneParking is available in a multi-level lot.

The supermarket’s most striking features are its cleanliness and transparency, and the convenience of shopping. The sight of fresh produce is impressive.

 This is the supermarket you like to shop in.

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