New York City is empty

New York, a city many says is “never sleep,” is now empty due to the coronavirus epidemic. I was in midtown Manhattan. And I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before.

Grand Central Station / 42nd street

There are no tourists in the city, I have seen very few pedestrians and a few cars only. Even – and here’s the big word – find a parking lot! This is simply unimaginable. This is a must-see, and, of course, for a journalist has a duty to show.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”16″ exclusions=”189,192,208,210,211,212,214,215,183,216″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]The photos:

  1. The FDR Drive (Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive) is a 9.68-mile (15.58 km) highway on the east side of New York City.
  2. On the FDR Drive at the UN Building.
  3. 1st Avenue – UN Building
  4. 2nd Avenue (Near the Midtown Tunnel entrance)
  5. Lexington Ave and 42nd Street Corner
  6. 5th Avenue – NY Public Library
  7. 6th Avenue – Bryant Park
  8. The most popular tourist spot in New York is Times Square. Today is completely blank – view from my car window.
  9. New York’s tourist center, the TKTS, selling tickets to the Broadway Musicals. It is closed.
  10. New York’s tourist center, the TKTS, selling tickets to the Broadway Musicals. It is closed.
  11. The most important tourist destination in Times Square, as it’s almost never seen – empty.
  12. 42nd Street is a favorite tourist destination.
  13. The 42nd Street Tourist Favorite Place. Here is the entrance to Madame Tussaud’s.
  14. Port Authority Bus Terminal
  15. 8th Avenue
  16. An empty street in downtown NYC
  17. The famous Roosevelt Hotel in New York. Favorite hotel for many Hungarian travelers.
  18. 5th Avenue
  19. One of the richest streets in the world is 47th Street, where we can only find a closed jewelry store in every house today.
  20. Closed jewelry store.
  21. Closed jewelry store.
  22. 8th Avenue
  23. The shops are closed
  24. Shopping is not easy. One of Yonkers’ largest supermarkets – empty shelves. Not typical otherwise.


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